Our 100% pure mulberry silk scarves carry the soul of Africa. They are testimonies of the talent and unrivalled creativity of African painters and designers who have put their heart at the service of our brand. They tell stories about life in Africa through the lenses of Africans.  

They are also proof of the technological prowess achieved by our brand: creating a two-in-one scarf where each side has a completely different design, making each of our limited edition timeless pieces suitable for various occasions, styles and moods.





Designed by Nigerian artist Lekan Odunbori, The Fantasia, a multi-centuries old traditional equestrian spectacle, also called Durbar or Hawan Sallah in Nigeria, is popular in the Sahel. During a Fantasia, horsemen riding mounts richly dressed mimick military assaults and dance to traditional rhythms played by musicians. It is also a subtle reminder of a kingdom’s powerful military force and an occasion for the regiments to demonstrate allegiance and loyalty to their king.





S.A.P.E stands for the Society of Ambiance-makers and Persons of Elegance, a subculture originating from the Congo. Its members are called the sapeurs-sapeuses, African dandies whose art de vivre is unapologetically unique and exudes confidence. Flashier…better. Too much…It will never be enough. The sapeuse is in her own rights a celebration of life, an ambassador of good vibes and fashion. This piece was designed by Cameroonian artist Felix Fokoua in tribute to those larger-than-life fashion icons and entertainers.




Beaux Dimanches

This piece captures the emotion and excitement of an African wedding in the countryside. Weddings in Africa are blessed events where two families come together and merge into one. Designed by Cameroonian painter Blaise Vernyuy, it showcases the warmth as well as the African tradition of sharing and getting together to celebrate life and love.